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[psa] Introductory Post
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Welcome to Mei's Fandom Recs, where meiface talks too much and tries to inflict her opinions and biases on everyone else. If I like something, she reasons, why wouldn't everyone else? Or at least a few people. So in the interest of spreading good things to other people, as well as indulging Mei's fondness for talking too much, this is a recs journal for fic, songs, manga, books, movies, dramas, and whatever else may crop up that Mei thinks is worth a second look.

★ There will be no schedule for posts outside of when certain things strike Mei's fancy - this means there could be no posts for weeks and then a number of posts within a day or two.

★ With each rec post, download links will be provided in the title if possible, and links to the content or where to acquire it (Amazon or jdramas, for example) will be provided in other cases. Download links will be Megaupload unless otherwise stated. They will probably not be re-uploaded upon request unless Mei really, really likes you and is feeling particularly generous the day you ask very nicely. She's busy, after all, pretending to have a life. :)

So please browse! Posts are organized by tags, accessible on the sidebar. I hope you find things you like - and, if you do, comments are appreciated, because comments are always appreciated.

Nota bene: Previous recs on meiface, here and here.

Fic Rec Post #8 (Teen Wolf)
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So, some Teen Wolf recs. Pretty much all Sterek and, as with all rec lists, heavily reflective of my personal tastes and biases. Please read warnings and content notes on the fics themselves.

36 fics and 5 fanvidsCollapse )

Fic Rec Post #7 (+Yuletide recs)
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Happy holidays! I come bearing some fic recs:

9 fics: DCU, Disney, HP, Hikago, One Piece, Star Trek XICollapse )

AND NOW, yuletide RECS, BECAUSE YULETIDE IS HAPPY-MAKING. Oh rare fandoms I didn't know I wanted fic for until the perfece one fell into my lap! Probably not comprehensive because there is so much fic I haven't read yet, but these in particular have stood out to me. Probably due in large part to my nostalgia of things from my childhood, but also just because they are fantastic. :)

10 Yuletide recs from various fandoms~Collapse )

Enjoy. :D

Fic Rec Post #6
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Fic recs from assorted fandoms. Also, my new big thing: Puck/Kurt. Don't ask me questions, I don't know either.

American Idol RPS, DCU, FMA, Glee, Good Omens, HP, H50, Hikago, One Piece, QaF, SaiyukiCollapse )

[fic] paranoic - Faldi Faldonza
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Title: Faldi Faldonza
Author: paranoic
Rating: PG-13/T+
Length: 11,854 words
Pairing(s): Prince Naveen/Tiana, Beast/Belle, Shang/Mulan
Warning(s): N/A
Summary: Tiana's first royal ball turns out to be something of a disaster, what with the prince being kidnapped and all. Luckily, she's got back-up.

COMMENTS: Yuletide turned me on to the idea that I really enjoy Disney fandom - taking something so mainstream and often oriented towards children (and colored by my nostalgia) and "transforming" it into something more. It's what all fandoms do, essentially, but somehow Disney gets under my skin more, probably because it's tied with my pre-fandom childhood.

This fic was plotty and funny and had great, great character voices. Tiana, especially, was amazing and sympathetic, but everyone was good. Mulan kicking ass will never not be amazing, stoic!Shang makes me glee, and oh Belle, oh Belle, she was hilarious. Not in an entirely comic way - I still think she was written with loving care, but also with humor.

The comments say that the plot is cohesive and comprehensible without having watched The Princess & the Frog, so I'd give a shot even if you haven't - but I recommend the movie too. Oh man, gorgeous classic, hand-drawn animation. ♥

[fic] laiqualaurelote - Back in Black
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Title: Back in Black | II | III
Author: laiqualaurelote
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~14,000 words
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Warning(s): n/a
Summary: ROCK BAND AU. "According to the Wikipedia article, the Kick is an American hard rock band founded in 2000. Their debut album Drop/Kick went straight to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and has since sold an estimated five million copies worldwide. To date, they have released six albums, twenty singles, and one compilation.

Under the section 2005 - present, Wikipedia states that the Kick disbanded following the unexpected suicide of their lyricist and frontman’s wife, Mallorie Cobb. The band went into an indefinite hiatus while its lead singer entered an alcoholic downward spiral and eventually wound up in rehab. Its drummer got himself arrested on a series of drug offences. Its bassist launched a relatively successful career as a rap artist. Its lead guitarist went into seclusion, never to be seen again."

COMMENTS: Cut for length and oh dear SO MUCH FLAILING.Collapse )

[fic] weatherfront - It's Automatic
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Title: It's Automatic
Author: weatherfront
Rating: R
Length: 9 comments on the kinkmeme
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Warning(s): may hurt you with how beautiful it is
Summary: Beautiful, dirty, rich, ambitious, lost, found, running, chasing, young, immortal, out of time, out of breath, one summer, in Taipei, in love, so in love.

COMMENTS: This fic, it broke me. I don't even know where to begin because this apparently hit a chord with me on a really really personal level and I ended up sort of sobbing all over it, like-- more than I have cried at anything else in this fandom. I feel ridiculous but my heart is all clutchy and just-- so many personal ticks here, I know that, I know it's just me, not everyone but oh my god just everything about this provoked such a visceral reaction from me. It is not that sad but it is gorgeous, breathtaking, and it reminds me so much of the meta about Eames holding out his hand, expecting nothing, and it's like that but different in this fic, because he expects heartbreak, expects Arthur to turn away in the future; it will stay with you: Eames, who decided beforehand that Arthur would break his heart, and Arthur, who is still learning himself.

Also, Eames & Arthur are totally fucking badass. and fuck in a bathtub full of money. Literally. Fucking ridiculous, gorgeous, amazing.

Fic Rec Post #5
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In no order whatsoever, have some Inception recs!

21 recs, as a matter of fact. All Arthur/Eames, because I am predictable if nothing else.Collapse )

Fic Rec Post #4
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I am considering a mass post of SPN/J2 and Kradam big bang recs, but for now have this.

Beware, my shipping biases are enormous.

BBC Merlin & Inception recs! Under the cut resides a great number of Arthurs.Collapse )

PSA: fic recs moved to delicious
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Since I basically fail at reccing things on a fairly regular basis, I thought it should be let known that the majority of my fic recs are going to show up in my delicious. This journal will stick around for everything else though (songs, movies, books, etc.) and the occasional group fic rec page if the urge strikes. Hopefully more things will start showing up during the summer when I'll have a little more free time and energy. :)
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